January Challenge

Let’s practice the way we want to live! Happy, connected and motivated to have an amazing time! We’re here to support and encourage you along the way. SUTRA community is – well, awesome.

Practice 31 times in the month of January and win….

CHOOSE ONE of the following:

  • 50% off membership for the month of February. ( Members* who complete the challenge, get a t shirt)
  • $50 discount on 10 class pass or $50 discount on One month Unlimited ($180)


Glad you asked! Here are the steps for winning the challenge. ( You can cue up Survivor’s Eye of the tiger now and come back to keep reading. Go ahead.)

Step 1: — Enrollment Fee —

Yes we know, $25 will get your bottom on your meditation cushion and your mind on your mat. Keep your mind on your mat, and your practice in your heart. Sign up >> HERE << or through a human at the desk. This is in addition to your membership, class pass, or drop-ins. Make up your mind by January 10, so we can count you IN! (Purchases of enrollment fee made after January 10 2020 are not eligible.)

Step 2: — Keep track of your practices —

Register for classes early, and actually show up – on time – and make sure you get signed in. Our Mindbody Online interface will handle the rest. You can sign up for the smart mobile app, or simply log in through the ” Log In / Sign Up” link in the top right of this window!

Step 3: — PRACTICE —

Practice like you were blessed with the good fortune of having a healthy human form! Breathe like you mean it, and practice for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you!

Get the MindBody Online Smart App, and search for SUTRA STUDIO


  • *Members: signed up for a Monthly Unlimited Autopay, debited from credit card monthly. New members have a 3 month commitment, please see rates and membership page for more info.
  • YES, meditation classes, community classes, and workshops count toward your total practices.
  • YES, you have to be practicing in person, human form in the studio.
  • Please make sure you get signed in by a human or using our self check in on our ipads.
  • No, your friend cannot check you in, early if you are not there in human form.
  • Late arrivals will be auto-cancelled out of the class roster.
  • Yes, classes will be a full house party vibe during this challenge. Be an ambassador to the studio, be friendly, make new friends.
  • Your winnings are for you only, since you are the one to complete the challenge. (see that Survivor Song: eye of the tiger)
  • More questions? email us: hello@sutrastudio.com
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