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Mind training and mindfulness practices are one of the most powerful ways we can immediately begin cultivating happier, more content lives. Drawing from many different traditions, SUTRA offers guided meditation practices and unguided quiet "sit" times as encouragement and to train our minds to find calm and focus. With repeated implementation of these practices, more beneficial mind-states can be experienced and it has been found, physically within the brain, new neural pathways can be created. No previous experience is necessary, and experienced meditators are encouraged to join for support in practice.

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Meditation Experience Descriptions

SUTRA STUDIO offers an array of meditation experiences designed to encourage your mind training practice. Guided practices, sound meditations, as well as community “sit” times are available for you to explore your mindfulness practices.

Guided Meditation

Community Meditation is guided by a rotation of teachers and offers various contemplative and mind training techniques to encourage a more mindful existence.
No experience is necessary. Feel free to be guided or use this time as an opportunity to find serenity with your own personal meditation practice.
This class is donation based, with a suggestion of $5. Donations are used for SUTRA to provide low-cost or no-cost mindfulness workshops and teachings throughout the studio schedule.

Open Self-Guided Meditation

For the self directed mindfulness practitioner, SUTRA provides open studio space for quiet contemplative practices. As a sanctuary from the busy space of personal checklists and schedules, an environment for meditation practice is provided. This practice is not guided, space is provided.
This class is donation based, with a suggestion of $5. Donations are used for SUTRA to provide low-cost or no-cost mindfulness workshops and teachings throughout the studio schedule.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain. Students lay down and rest comfortably in a reclined posture (savasana) while the teacher guides a systematic meditation through the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of wholeness and deep relaxation.
All levels are welcome! Please dress warmly.

Savasana (within yoga classes)

Savasana is a reclined posture meditation offered at the end of many of our yoga classes. Teachers guide a variety of contemplative, visualization or relaxation techniques such as body scanning. Savasana is offered for a period of anywhere from 3 min -20 minutes, with lengths differing on the style of class and teacher’s discretion.

Sound Experiences

As vibrational, and sensory driven beings, sound experiences complement the meditation process to aid in a release of stress and tension, encouraging a sense of deep relaxation to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. During a sound experience attendees are in a comfortable reclined resting position (savasana) while the sound healing practitioner is playing their sacred instruments. Attendees are encouraged to meditate, listen or simply relax and have an open mind. On occasion, sound healing practitioners may join a regularly scheduled class, workshop or even wellness session (massage, reiki, acupuncture) to facilitate deep healing.

Sound Experience with Live Music

A Sound Experience with a group of sound healing practitioners and musicians may play live during the experience.

Sound Experience with Single Instrument

Different instruments and sacred objects have different intentional healing properties. During the Sound Experience practitioners may incorporate stringed, percussive, wind, or even digital instruments.

Sound Experience with Crystal Singing Bowls

A Sound Experience incorporating the repetitive vibrational therapy of bowls created out of crystals chosen for specific healing and sound qualities.

Sound Experience with Sacred Metals

A Sound Experience incorporating the repetitive vibrational therapy of instruments created out of metals chosen for specific healing and sound qualities. Some instruments may include brass singing bowls, gongs, and tuning forks.

NEW TO Meditation?

Trying something new can be intimidating, so we have tried to answer some common questions and give advice based on our own experiences to encourage an inclusive environment for those new to mind training practices and those with many lifetimes of experience. Getting to know your own mind can be one of the most challenging and most rewarding experiences.

What is meditation?

“If you think you’re in control – control your thoughts, then let me know”….
Meditation is another word for mind training. In meditation we work to train our minds to find calm and focus. No previous experience is necessary.
SUTRA offers guided meditation sessions as well as open “sit” times, when the studio is available for quiet mindful activities like seated meditation.

Can anyone meditate?


I stink at meditation.

That’s what everyone’s mind initially says. Stay with it, and keep practicing. The mind is a tricky thing.

New to the Studio Etiquette
  • Try to arrive 15-20 minutes before your first visit to our studio, so that you have time to get settled, fill out our enrollment papers and have a tour of the space. Early arrival will also allow you to get connected with our team and the teacher if you have any concerns or would like to let us know more about you.
  • Teachers aim to respect our students’ time by starting and ending classes on time. If you arrive late, please enter the practice space after the “OM” or when students begin to move.
  • Please move mindfully and quietly within the practice space, with the aim of respecting your fellow practitioners’ experiences.
  • Please place your shoes neatly within our lobby and store your belongings in a storage space (available inside each of our practice spaces). Taking fewer items to your practice spot will reduce distractions, clutter, and obstacles for teachers and assistants.
  • Use the restroom before or after class, and if you need to use it during class, move quietly and mindfully.
Mindful Studio Etiquette
  • Moving mindfully and quietly when within the practice space to be respectful of others experiences is always a good idea.
  • Make sure cell phones and other electronic devices are off or silent prior to class.
  • A clean body gives way to a clean mind. Please do not wear perfume or cologne to class, as some practitioners are sensitive to scents.
  • When practicing in a community setting, consider that you are practicing together in a shared space to share energy. A mindful practice includes turning inward for a deep practice but also being respectful in sharing space and positive energy. Introduce yourself to your community.
  • Other mindful studio practices:
    1. Check in online if you can. If you can’t, stop in at the desk and we’ll sign you in.
    2. Introduce yourself to the team and teachers.
    3. Welcome your fellow yogis.
    4. Please be respectful of others with your silent cell phone (if you need to take calls, step out into the outer hallway).
    5. Honor the sacred space of SUTRA with as much love as we do.
    6. Spread the word!
    7. Ask!
    8. Participate.
    9. Smile.
    10. Breathe – like you mean it.
What is meditation or mind training? Is it faith / religion specific?
  • Meditation is not religion-specific.
  • Meditation is found not only in many faiths, but in practices without any religious affiliation. Meditation is for anyone who is interested in training their mind to have more focus, calm and clarity.
  • At SUTRA, we welcome all faiths and religious backgrounds. We draw on many different meditation traditions to offer a wide variety of techniques to our students; the best meditation practice is the one you do.
What should I wear to a guided meditation or dharma teaching?
  • The clothes you wear for meditation or to attend a dharma lecture/teaching should be comfortable and not cause distraction to yourself or others.
  • Consider wearing clothing that:
    • supports an appropriate body temperature, or bring a shawl or sweater.
    • is quiet. Fabrics that make a lot of noise may be distracting to you or others.
    • is respectfully conservative if attending a dharma teaching by a master of a lineage.
What should I bring to a guided meditation or dharma teaching?
  • If you have your own special meditation cushion, chair, or support please feel free to bring your own. We have blankets, bolsters, blocks and other items.
  • An open, patient, and willing mind. Give yourself a chance to be surprised by your own practice. Try not to have too many expectations, and remember: everyone is working on training their mind. We are all in this together.
  • What not to bring:
    • Valuables and excessive items. SUTRA provides small storage areas within the studio and practice space. Please make sure your phone is turned to OFF or silent and stored away for class times, as not to distract yourself and others. Give yourself a break.
    • Expectations.
    • Illegal or dangerous items.
  • Please DO consider our studio as a sacred space that is your own, and treat it with mindfulness.
I have no idea what I am doing, can I still come to class?

Of course! Even mindfulness practitioners and contemplatives who have practiced for decades are surprised by what they don’t know; mind training practice is limitless, so if you’re doing it right, you’ll always feel curious and excited by the possibility of moving beyond your perceived limits.

Do you offer kids classes? What if I have my kids with me?

All SUTRA adult classes are age 18+.

Teens 16+ may attend SUTRA adult classes with a waiver and consent form signed by a guardian. Teens do not have to have a guardian present with them while participating in yoga, meditation, or workshops. SUTRA reserves the right to ask unruly teenagers to leave or even complete chores if they are disrespectful of the space, teachers, or other students. At this time we cannot accommodate students under 16 in regular classes.

Young Adults (ages 13-15), Kids Classes, Mommy + Me workshops and classes may be scheduled in the future and will be offered on our online schedule and updated through our newsletter when said classes are available.

MindBody Online Account Questions?

If you have MBO(MindBody Online) account questions regarding your memberships, scheduling or trouble logging in, please email our masterminds(managers) at or give us a ring at (844)337-8872. All account changes must be submitted in writing to our general inbox.

Should I sign up online for classes?

Yes! Sign up and show up early to ensure your reservation  in our classes. Many classes may sell out and require pre-registration.

Even more questions
  • Do you have more questions?
    • Feel free to send us a message or email us
  • OR
    • Call us at (844) 337-8872
  • OR
    • Stop by in person. We don’t bite and we can give you a tour of the space 😉
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