Lauren Merrill


Lauren stumbled across yoga in 2011 as a supplement to her weightlifting programming, practicing exclusively at home until 2014 when she took her first public yoga class. The warmth of the tiny, moody, heavily-heated studio, the “Om” (first time experiencing collective Om’ing!), and the entirely different feel and purpose of yoga within that space completely enveloped her.

Yoga was no longer just a way to improve her fitness, but a lens through which she could process the world around and within her. Finding SUTRA shortly after, in early 2015, she began to dive deeper into yogic philosophy, began mind training, and later completed her 200hr RYT program through Fluid Yoga here at SUTRA. Paired with certification in Personal Training, Myofascial Cupping, and Traditional Thai Massage, her love of biomechanics and functional training feels right at home at SUTRA, with mindful, empowering movement and stillness.

Favorite artist: Buena Vista Social Club

Currently into: Slowing down. Vanilla oat-milk lattes. Pressing flowers.